Filling Tools

All products are made and assembled in Belgium.

Each Filler and Loader is individually tested with Capsugel capsules. Capsules being standardized, our machines work with any brand of capsule. However, Feton guarantees their functionality only with Capsugel capsules.

The main element you will need is a capsule filling machine. There are different sizes and types of machines.

An essential tool if you do not want to waste time placing thousands of capsules by hand. It also makes the operation cleaner, since you do not have to touch the capsules to place them in the filling machine.

The traditional way to do the final closing of the capsules was to push on each individual capsule by hand.

It is now a thing of the past! The Serial Closer will save you time and effort as well as make the operation cleaner by avoiding direct contact with the capsules.

You will need a tamper to push the powder down the capsule. There are many models available.

With some types of powder, you will obtain a more uniform fill weight or simply make the filling operation easier if you use a vibrating table.

An Enteric Coating is a polymer barrier applied on the capsules, to prevent their dissolution in the gastric environment.

Pellets are spheres ranging from 100 to 2000 microns in diameter and are often made of sugar. This tool allows you to easily fill your capsules with pellets.

Made on-demand, this dispenser will save you a lot of time when you need to fill your capsule with tablets.

Small essentials: Capsule Tray, Powder Spreader, Stylus, Cleaning Brush.

In case of damaged device, it is strongly advised to contact customer service at Please provide the serial number and a picture of the damaged part. We will then be able to give you advice for the spare parts or check whether the warranty is applicable.

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